Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to write clearly.

Just want to share with you class on how to write clearly, it will benefit your GP, PW and also Economics. I was thinking about starting a library of books to improve your language skills, such as vocab, grammer and writing skills as most of you have weak GP score.

I seen a few good books. Please help to source for good books too... as for the cost, maybe we could have a class fund, or I can subsidise a bit. We can store the books in the class and you can draw it out for use during your IRP.

Can all of you reading this, please encourage the class to join the blogspot group.

and finally....

How to write clearly.
(1) Think before writing. You must have ideas before you can put them into words.
(2) Write simply. Choose and use words carefully to convey an idea accurately. Write clean, clear prose. Anyone who knows nothing of the subject should be able to understand you.
(3) Do not use big words. Use simple, not bombastic words.
(4) Edit your work. Simplify, polish and tighten your writing. Check for mistakes and typographical errors.
(5) Learn from your mistakes. You learn faster when others point out your mistakes. [Sources: The Straits Times, 27 Feb 09; Lee Kuan Yew, (2000), From Third World to First, Times Media Pte Ltd]

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