Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Selling of coupons in secondary school

Dear 08S1,

Good news, the NE council and the teachers in charge of the sale of coupons are looking into this. They are also very impressed with your initiatives. Thumbs up for those who have come forward with this idea. For those, who have not, I would encouraged that you step out and join the gang as well. Do it for a good cause, do it for ST pocket money fund, help the needy students!!! Many of them are much more underprivileged than us.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Welcome everyone!!!! I got to write the first post again. Just a brief into of the features in this blog:

There is some news article at the bottom to improve your GP and I also include a wikipedia so you can search whatever you want easily (but it doesnt mean I encourage you to do that for PW) Many of you will also realise a slide show at the side, we can upload our (08s1) photos either to 'flicker' or 'photobucket', link the slideshow to that account and everyone can see the photos of 08S1. I will be adding a poll soon, so we can easily do a vote on stuff (e.g. what concert we want to watch).

Hmm.... so many things to talk about, I will leave it up to you to suggest the functions you want in this blog... cos i think im the only one who can change the setting. I will figure how to give access to change setting to some of you, so you all can help me manage the blog